IGXBio – Company

IGXBio, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing advanced DNA immunotherapies for HIV infection.

DNA immunotherapies offer a promising approach to reducing the dependency on anti-HIV drug cocktails and diminishing the emergence of drug-resistant HIV strains. They are relatively inexpensive to produce, readily scaled up, and stable at ambient temperatures.

GenePro® (∆4SHIVku2)

The IGXBio lead product candidate GenePro®  (∆4SHIVku2), uses a DNA construct developed through animal passaging.  This approach generated a DNA construct with superior gene expression and subsequent non-infectious HIV protein production activity, which results in an enhanced immune response. 

Unlike other DNA approaches, GenePro® (∆4SHIVku2) stimulates both a cellular and antibody response that can control the replication of a deadly AIDS-causing virus in primate animal models without viral protein boosts and without anti-viral therapy.


Wisconsin Early Stage Capital Symposium / WAN meeting
IGXBio has been accepted to speak at the Wisconsin Early Stage Capital Symposium / WAN meeting in Madison November 11 -12, 2014

2015 Biotech Showcase
IGXBio will be attending and presenting at the 2015 Biotech Showcase in San Francisco, the week of Jan 11 -15, 2015.
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New member added to the Scientific Advisory Board
IGXBio is proud to announce Harold Smith, PhD. as a new member of the Scientific Advisory Board.

GenePro® Paper available
We are pleased to have added the GenePro® overview document to our site. Select GenePro® document to view the PDF document.

GenePro® feature in article in HIV Haven
GenePro® is featured in the article Can DNA therapeutic vaccines turn HIV+ patients into elite controllers? published by HIV Haven.