IGXBio – Company

IGXBio, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing advanced DNA immunotherapies for HIV infection.

DNA immunotherapies offer a promising approach to reducing the dependency on anti-HIV drug cocktails and diminishing the emergence of drug-resistant HIV strains. They are relatively inexpensive to produce, readily scaled up, and stable at ambient temperatures.

GenePro® (∆4SHIVku2)

The IGXBio lead product candidate GenePro®  (∆4SHIVku2), uses a DNA construct developed through animal passaging.  This approach generated a DNA construct with superior gene expression and subsequent non-infectious HIV protein production activity, which results in an enhanced immune response. 

Unlike other DNA approaches, GenePro® (∆4SHIVku2) stimulates both a cellular and antibody response that can control the replication of a deadly AIDS-causing virus in primate animal models without viral protein boosts and without anti-viral therapy.


IGXBio to present at Texas Growth Capital Forum
IGXBio is one of five companies selected for the Innovation Awards platform at the Texas Growth Capital Forum May 3, 2016 in Austin, TX. The company will present its immediate opportunity on a first in man clinical trial of GenePro, an immunotherapy for infectious diseases.

Dr. David Foster joins IGXBio's board of directors. Read Dr. Foster's bio here

Cannabis Science Lab expands for IGXBio's GenePro FDA Investigational New Drug (IND)
Positive Cannabinoid Testing Data in California Prompts Cannabis Science Lab Expansions for IGXBio's GenePro FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) Number 015982 for Further Drug Development to Identify & Develop Agonist Cannabinoids for GenePro
see article in Yahoo Finance

2016 Biotech Showcase
James B. Laufenberg, President and CEO will be speaking at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco, January 11, 2016 at 4:00PM PT Track A - Hearst room.

RESI Life Science Nation
IGXBIO will be attending the RESI Life Science Nation conference in San Francisco on Jan 12, 2016, and will be available via their partnering system.

CANNABIS SCIENCE announces historic collaborative drug development deal with IGXBIO and its GENEPRO®, a dna-based immunotherapeutic
Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC: CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabis-based medicine and related consulting, has announced a Historic Collaborative Drug Development deal with IGXBio and its GenePro®, a DNA-based immunotherapeutic that recently received FDA IND approval to enter into human trials. see details here

GenePro® is featured in the article Can DNA therapeutic vaccines turn HIV+ patients into elite controllers? published by HIV Haven.
Note: IGXBio was f/k/a Immunogenetix.